The Ten Fashion Pieces that Every Woman Should Own

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Written by Perry Morgan. Posted in Fashion

Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! We assume that you are all aware of the fact that trends are fleeting whereas style is timeless. Due to the fact that few women can afford to change their wardrobes completely every season, it is important for all women to own a few endless fashion items. Some of you may assume that this type of items are related to the classic style, and if you are not fond of this style, you may think that you don’t need to own these pieces. However, the timeless fashion pieces that we are about to present you with are not just classic. They are the main elements which define a woman’s wardrobe. As these are the types of fashion pieces that you are likely to wear for years, it is important for them to be of top quality. If you own these 10 fashion staples, it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself unprepared for an outing.
The Ten Fashion Pieces that any Woman Should Own Picture The Ten Fashion Pieces that any Woman Should Own Picture

1.The LBD

There isn’t a woman in the world who isn’t familiar with the classic little black dress. Although this type of dress was initially associated with funerals and later on with elegant events, if you accessorize it properly, you can wear it with practically anything. For example, the little black dress can be a perfect cocktail dress if it is worn with high heels and a pearl necklace, but if you wear it with flats, a statement necklace and an oversized purse, it can make for a great casual dress. It is best if the LBD is tailored specifically to your silhouette.

2.The black tailored blazer

This is also a fashion piece which can be worn at different events. It can go just as well with jeans as it goes with elegant skirts. When choosing such a blazer, make sure that it highlights your waist and it doesn’t make your shoulders look too big.

3.The white buttoned down shirt

Although it was initially an office piece, this type of shirt can now be worn with anything. If you plan on owning only one such shirt, try to choose a simple model without ruffles or other embellishments.

4. The classic trench coat

When buying a classic trench coat, try to choose a black or a beige one as these colors are likely to go with any outfits. The great thing about the trench coat is that you can wear it for many, many years, even if your weight will fluctuate.

5. A pair of pumps

As a general rule, a woman should own several pair of pumps (at least a white pair, a black pair and a red pair). However, if you are not fond of wearing high heels, you can limit yourself to a single pair of black pumps.

6. A pair of flats

A lot of houte couture designers or fashion critics frown when hearing the word “flats”. Nevertheless, since time or money doesn’t always allow us to find the perfect pair of shoes for a casual outfit, a pair of flat shoes can be a lifesaver.

7. A pair of black pants

You probably didn’t need this reminded as there isn’t a woman out there who does not own a pair of black trousers. However, in order for such pants to count as a fashion staple, they should have a classic tailored cut.

8. Pearl necklace

Natural pearls are very expensive but luckily for us, we can now find a lot of fake pearl necklaces which look incredibly genuine. Pearl necklaces can be worn not only with a little black dress but with any feminine outfit.

9. The statement necklace

If you ever feel that an outfit is too boring, you can always liven it up with a nice statement necklace. Despite their opulence, these necklaces are very feminine.

10. The clutch purse

No matter how many purses you own, your collection can never be complete without a clutch purse.

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