Summer Beauty Tricks

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Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! Summer has officially installed itself and has come with numerous gifts for us to choose from such as: delicious flavors of ice cream, lazy Sunday afternoons spent in the park, longer days and many more. However, despite the fact that summer is usually a great season, it does come with some challenges. Due to the fact that we are constantly fighting heat, we now have to pay more attention to our beauty rituals. Nothing can ruin a perfect makeup better than sweat, and sunburns can make it impossible for one to attend an upcoming event. Therefore, in order to help you enjoy only the gifts of summer, and not its problems, we have prepared some essential beauty tricks.

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Put together a summer beauty kit

The first thing that you need to do is change your beauty ritual. Replace your classic face cream with a lighter version and remember to always apply sun block before going outside.You should also consider some extreme situations. For example, some people suffer from hyper pigmentation in the summer on account of the prolonged sun exposure, excessive heat and heavy dust. If this ever happened to you, you should read some skin lightening cream reviews and add such a product to your summer beauty kit. When reading skin lightening cream reviews, make sure to pick a product which is suitable for you skin tone. After all, the summer is harsh enough on the skin, without having to deal with heavy skin care products.

Furthermore, you should never leave the house without a sun block lip balm. As far as makeup goes, a summer beauty kit should contain only light skin products and waterproof eye makeup. If you don’t like waterproof mascara, you could try eyelash extensions which can be worn for up to a month and are 100% waterproof. However, extensions can damage your eyelashes in the long run so if you don’t mind waiting a little bit for the end result, you could try an eyelash growth serum product. A lash growth serum will naturally thicken your lashes to the point where you will no longer need to wear mascara. Nevertheless, be careful when reading the eyelash growth serum product reviews as some of these beauty remedies require prescription because they can come with some side effects like eye color change.

Gather your anti sweat weapons

Antiperspirant is one of the most useful beauty products during all times of the year. However, during the summer, it is essential not only to apply it during the morning, but also to carry a mini version in your purse, which you can use anytime during the day. Furthermore, we advise you to apply it before going to bed instead of applying it in the morning as it is more efficient this way. The despicable sweat can also affect your hairstyle. Since it is not always possible to wash your hair daily, we advise you to start using dry shampoo. This product can be a lifesaver during the summer. Oil-blotting sheets are also great tools during hot summer days as they can refresh your face without clogging your skin.

Natural beauty remedies

During the summer, our overall looks can be affected by numerous factors. Our skin and our hair can suffer due to extensive sun exposure and our faces are likely to reflect the wildness of the summer parties. In order to look fresh at all times, you might want to try out some natural beauty remedies. For example, you can try a delicious sugar and strawberry scrub in order to de-clog your skin pores or you can use raw potatoes in order to get rid of eye puffiness.

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