How to Dress for Your Body Type

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Written by Perry Morgan. Posted in Fashion

Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! Today we thought about starting the day with some essential fashion tips. Unfortunately, a lot of women, no matter how up to date they are with the latest fashion trends, don’t really know what types of clothes look best on them. This can lead to some serious fashion mistakes. As such, we advise you to pay close attention to the following lines.

How to Dress for Your Body Type Picture How to Dress for Your Body Type Picture

Body types

In order to dress properly, it is essential to know your body type. There are several types of body types: round (also known as apple), triangle (also known as pear shape), rectangle and hourglass. There are also some less common categories (inverted triangle or diamond) and some subcategories if you really want to dress like a pro. For example, the rectangular body type can be divided into a lean column type and a full rectangle type, whilst the hourglass type can be either a neat hourglass or a full hourglass. For now, we will focus on the main categories. The main guideline in dressing for your body type is to create balance between your upper side and your lower side. The picture presented above should give you a general idea about the main types of bodies, but if you are uncertain, you can try taking your measurements and inputting them in an online body type calculator.

How to dress a round body type

There are several ways in which you can dress in order to flatter this type of body. For starters, you can try wearing clothes which are tight around the waist and loose everywhere else. Waist belts are a great way of making your waist seem smaller. You can also try emphasizing either your bust and neck or your legs and your buttom (never both at the same time). Asymmetrical hemlines, draped fabrics, flutter sleeves and cowl necks are just a few of the many elements which can make your figure appear more delicate.

How to dress a pear shaped body

As we mentioned above, the key to a proper way of dressing yourself is to try to create balance. As the pear body is characterized by a leaner upper body and a bigger lower body, we advise you to avoid wearing tight tops as that will only make your hips look even bigger. Instead, try wearing layered tops. A-line dresses are also a good choice for this body type, but high waists and pleated skirts are out of the question.

How to dress a rectangle body type

This type of body is athletic and relatively easy to dress. For starters, you should try to choose stretchy clothes instead of loose clothes. However, avoid simple, fitted cuts. Since this type of body is characterized by straight lines, it is best to balance that figure with curvy lines. Ruffles, rounded or asymmetrical hemlines and prints are just a few of the elements which can make this type of body look more feminine.

How to dress an hourglass body

The women whose bodies are shaped like hourglasses are very lucky because they can wear practically anything. The only mistake that you can make when dressing such a body is trying to make it look even curvier.

These are the main types of bodies. However, every person is unique and these rules are mere guidelines. Our advice for you is to try and balance all of your features not only your overall body shape. For example, you may have an hourglass figure but very skinny legs, in which case it is recommended to avoid skinny pants. Last but not least, try to temper yourself when shopping and think objectively. If a clothing item does not look good on you, don’t buy it! No matter how much you like it, try not to fool yourself into thinking that it will look better with heels or that you will only wear it once you lose a few pounds.

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