Colorful Summer Nail Designs

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Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! Summer may just have ended yet we could think of no better way to liven up our dull autumn looks than with some colorful nail designs. In order to help you prepare yourself for the joyful summer fashion, we wanted to inspire you with some amazing nail designs. We did some research on a very inspiring website,, and we made a top of the cutest nail designs that can easily be replicated at home. Just follow the simple instructions presented under each nail design picture.

Colorful Summer Nail Designs Picture

The Dotticure

Dot nail designs are very easy to make. You simply paint your nails with one color and then you take another nail polish and add the dots by gently touching the nail with the tip of the nail brush. The nail art featured in the first picture is just as easy to make but it does have a twist. Instead of painting the nails in a plain color, you paint them in two different colors. You can use either special nail art strips or plain scotch tape in order to separate a nail into two sections. Once you have painted the nail start adding the dots. On the upper side of the nail use the nail polish used on the lower side of the nail and vice verse. Try to interconnect the dots at the point where the two colors meet.

Colorful Summer Nail Designs Picture

Strawberry nails

As you can see there is more than one way in which you can do a strawberry nail design. For starters, you can paint the leaves at the base of the nail or at the tip of the nail. Furthermore, you can make the dots with either black nail polish or white nail polish. Personally, we think that the design with the black dots and the leaves at the base of the nail is a lot more interesting. Furthermore, if you are skilled with the nail polish, you can even try to draw the cute strawberry flower at the base of one of the nails.

Colorful Summer Nail Designs Picture

Bright ombre nails

The ombre trend has been very popular for a long time how. It is featured in clothes, hair colors and even in nail art trends. In order to recreate this design, you will need a glass or a ceramic tile, a sponge and different shades of nail polish. The ombre effect is created by putting two drops of different colored nail polish next to each other on a clean tile. You want the two drops to touch without the colors mixing. Next, take a small sponge, dip it into the two drops and then quickly press the sponge onto a nail in order to transfer the design to your nail.

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