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Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! In case you are wondering how it comes that Hollywood celebrities always manage to look spotless, even when they are not on the red carpet, you should know that most of them have an army of fashion stylists which plan all their appearances. However, each celebrity has their own fashion tips and tricks that they use in order to enhance their image. Some of these secrets are well guarded while others are gladly shared by a few celebrities. In this article, we will uncover the latest fashion tips and secrets which define each of the following celebrities:

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Heidi Klum’s messy up’dos

When you are both a mother and a world famous supermodel, you don’t always find the time to spend hours in front of a mirror before leaving the house. However, Heidi Klum still manages to always look amazing, even when she only goes to the grocery store. Her secrets are up’dos which she has mastered over the years. These types of hairstyles are easy to make, keep all your hair in place (even if you haven’t hit the hair salon in a while) and are very stylish. Whether they are messy or neat, up’dos are a great solution for a quick stylish hairstyle. Furthermore, if you also are a mum and you frequently find yourself with dark circles under your eyes, follow Heidi’s example and simply put on a pair or stylish, oversized sunglasses.

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Emma Stone’s skin allergy remedy

Most of the time, Emma’s skin is as delicate as porcelain. However, we can’t help but wonder how that freckled, slightly reddish skin tone is maintained. It is pretty obvious that she has a sensitive skin and Emma herself admitted that she frequently suffers from skin allergies. You may think that a Hollywood celebrity has an expensive remedy for skin allergies. However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Emma prefers natural remedies. Her favorite one is grape seed oil which she uses daily as skin moisturizer. This miracle remedy is cheap and can be found at any grocery store. Furthermore, it has a lovely, fresh aroma that will stick with you throughout the day.

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Michelle Williams’ less-is-more makeup

Michelle is a big fan of natural makeups which suit her perfectly. Her eye shape is quite common and features fallen upper eyelids which don’t allow her a lot of choices in terms of eye makeup. However, this is not a problem for Michelle who balances this tiny flaw with a volume mascara which makes her eyes pop and luminous peachy eye shadow. One of her secrets is applying white eye-shadow beneath her eyes in order to make her eyes seem even more luminous. When she needs to deliver a sophisticated look, she emphasizes her lips with a red lipstick. This strategy is very simple yet it lead to spectacular results. Even the designers’ latest fashion tips encourage us to try natural makeups.

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Taylor Swift’s curvy tricks

Taylor is a skinny woman, a fact which many women would envy. However, Taylor is not particularly fond of her androgynous body type. In order to look more feminine, she often wear retro dresses, with high waists and wavy skirts. When she has to wear tight skirts, Taylor has another secret which is fairy obvious but one that she is unlikely to admit to any time soon. You may have noticed that her bottom size seems to fluctuate: one day it if very flat and the next day it is very plump and curvy. If you do a little research, you will find that there are special underwear that you can wear in order to make your bottom look plumper.

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Zoe Saldana’s hip illusion

Before being a mum, Zoe Saldana was very self conscious about her lack of curvy hips. Unlike Taylor Swift, she wasn’t a big fan of retro dresses. In order to create the illusion or a curvy body, she used the famous peplum designs. Whether it has under the shape of a dress, a blouse or a skirt, Zoe was often seen wearing a peplum. The result, was an elegant appearance with an illusion of a curvier body. Luckily for us, peplum designs are still in style.

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Nina Dover’s comfy outfits

According to Nina, the best fashion advice that her designer ever gave her was to wear comfortable clothes. The truth is that we often see celebrities in very tight dresses looking stunning yet utterly uncomfortable. Nina is a firm believer that people look better when they feel comfortable. This belief is very obvious from her outfits which are very casual in her free time. Even when she is on the red carpet, Nina rarely wears uncomfortable clothes.

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