Are Plastic Surgeries a Fashion Trend?

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Written by Perry Morgan. Posted in Beauty

Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! Did you ever consider undergoing a plastic surgery? The truth is that all women, no matter how beautiful they are, have a few insecurities based on their physical appearance. About a decade or so ago, most people started to accept plastic surgeries. We first saw them on older celebrities who wanted to maintain their youthful appearances. Later on, a few younger celebrities had a few subtle surgeries done in order to correct some “flaws”. Slowly, we started to accept plastic surgeries and we no longer viewed them as something solely reserved for the entertainment business. Nowadays, a lot of young women are undergoing such procedures. In South Korea, this type of surgeries seem to be an actual trend and it is not uncommon for a man or a woman to receive a plastic surgery birthday gift.

Are Plastic Surgeries a Fashion Trend Picture Are Plastic Surgeries a Fashion Trend Picture

Why do women want to undergo plastic surgeries?

The real reason why women consider having plastic work done is due to the fact that they are insecure. The sad truth is that these insecurities are not personal, but they are inflicted by society and noneducational fashion marketing campaigns. Everywhere we look, we see advertisements featuring gorgeous Photoshop women. While we know that these pictures are modified and the women in the ads don’t really look like that, we can’t help being brainwashed. Seeing the same images day after day, our perception of beauty becomes unrealistic. Things are even more difficult for fashionistas, as we read countless fashion magazines, so we are more exposed to such unrealistic beauty standards. Given the fact that women’s magazines promote unrealistic beauty standards, we can assume that they are also encouraging us to try to reach those standards. Therefore, women’s magazines are indeed promoting plastic surgeries as a fashion trend.

Is this the best way to hide imperfections?

There is a category of people who use plastic surgery for a different reason. Famous people who have to look flawless in front of the cameras are forced to use all types of tricks in order to achieve a perfect image. A few years ago, makeup was the only weapon that celebrities could use to disguise their imperfections, but these days cosmetic surgery has become the main instrument used for maintaining a nice aspect. Analyzing a certain celebrity before and after plastic surgery photos, we can see that there are many differences in the way she used to look before the procedure. Although people might find it hard to believe it, all the Hollywood stars use cosmetic interventions as a way to achieve a better aspect. If you examine any celebrity before and after plastic surgery pictures, you will notice many changes in the way she looks after the intervention. However, these operations can go wrong, and people might end up looking worse than they looked before.

Can plastic surgeries help you boost your self confidence?

This is where the real problem lies. In most celebrity plastic surgery cases, it all starts with a subtle surgery. Whether that surgery goes well or wrong, it doesn’t seem to matter because there is no such thing as just one surgery. A plastic surgery can only temporary boost your self confidence. If you can’t see your inner beauty and accept yourself for who you are, no surgery will miraculously eliminate your complexes. Furthermore, insecurity can lead to an altered perception of reality. It’s similar to the way in which anorexic girls see themselves as fat when looking in a mirror. As such, naturally gorgeous women like Megan Fox or Lindsay Lohan, end up altering their image until they’re nothing more than just another plastic Hollywood face.

How can we fight against the plastic surgery trend?

Unfortunately, there is no authority that can ban Photoshop from fashion magazines. What we can do is focus on the fashion and not the models and take prestigious women as role models; women such as Kate Winslet or Jessica Simpson, who actively take a stand against Photoshop releasing non-altered photo shoot pictures. Therefore, the only thing that you can do in order to avoid being brainwashed by Photoshop adds is to constantly remind yourself that those pictures are not real and that real beauty often comes from imperfections.

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