5 Tips on How to Achieve Enviable Eyelashes

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Go to the best and play with us eye of horus demo. A big bonus for everyone who came! Long, curly and perfectly defined eyelashes are a goal each woman wants to achieve. If Mother Nature was not generous enough to gift you with naturally thick and long lashes, then you will be thankful for these tips on how to enhance your eyelashes. Combine these tips with the the best eyelash growth serum and you will have a charming gaze in no time.
5 Tips on How to Achieve Enviable Eyelashes Picture

Natural oils are of great help

Properly caring of your lashes will help them regenerate and grow instead of breaking and falling. Castor oil does wonders if you apply it on your eyelashes every night using a cotton pad. In fact, this natural oil is so good that it is used in the the best eyelash growth serum products. You need to apply this kind of treatment at least once month in order to see the results, and castor oil can be replaced or alternated with olive oil or vitamin A oil. If you choose to treat your eyelashes with castor oil, it is not recommended that you use makeup for the results to be visible soon.

Remove your make up thoroughly

Cleaning your eyelashes carefully before you go to bed or when you want to change your make up is an important step in growing your eyelashes. Mascara and eyeshadow residues break the lashes and suffocated them, thus interrupting the growth process. Therefore, make sure you remove the make up using cleanser or wet towels and avoid sudden and brutal moves on the lashes. Never pull the mascara off the lashes, instead soften it with gentle touches.

Use the curler on the lashes

Curled eyelashes enhance your look and give the impression of enlarged eyes. You can use a device to curl your eyelashes and you can heat it with the hair dryer for a long lasting effect, this way the device will act like a hair curler and will keep your lashes curled longer
5 Tips on How to Achieve Enviable Eyelashes Picture

Choose the right mascara

No matter how good a mascara is, if you do not apply it properly, you will not get adequate results. Start the application as close to the roots as possible, then continue to the top, making slight staggered movements so that all the eyelashes are uniformly coated in mascara. The mascara’s brush is also very important, therefore be very careful when you choose it, depending on which results you expect. A curved brush will curl your lashes, a short one will long them and a comb applicator will perfectly define your eyelashes.

Turn to professionals

If you don’t have the patience to wait for your lashes to grow, or you have an event that requires longer eyelashes in a short amount of time, you can go to a beauty salon and opt for fake eyelashes, which are applied by a cosmetician and can last you for over two weeks, or you can buy a pair of fake lashes and glue them to your eyelid yourself, only these will last a couple of days.

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